Dash Button Corral

Amazon’s new Dash Button things are pretty cool. I bought a couple and wanted to keep the original firmware on them to not take them apart, but still control them and have them talk to my server rather than Amazon’s. … Continue reading

Creating a Vagrant virtual machine for OpenWRT

Since my last post, there have been many great improvements to Micah’s Fadecandy project and the “fcserver” application I ported for Atheros-based OpenWRT devices. I didn’t really keep up with things and only just released builds with the newer versions. … Continue reading

Whitelisting IPs in Apache and RHEL

I had a problem recently where I wanted to whitelist a set of IPs (and that set may change anytime) to allow them to use a reverse-proxy on Apache in an RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) environment. Here’s some instructions … Continue reading

Belkin Wemo Teardown part 2

Made progress today with using UPnP to communicate with the Wemo. I used the awesome miranda-upnp Python library to explore the device. Its URL for listing services is at There are ones for “rules”, “remoteaccess”, “metainfo”, “WiFiSetup”, “firmwareupdate”, “timesync” … Continue reading

Belkin Wemo Teardown part 1

I received a Belkin Wemo device today to play with. Since I do not have an iOS device, and for some reason the Wemo ONLY works with iOS (wtf?), I’m trying to get it working without it. So far I’ve … Continue reading

Setting up a KillerBee

Having recently ordered an Atmel AVR RZ Raven kit I was curious to play with it and try to develop some 6LoWPAN applications. This was mainly done with Contiki OS using the EXCELLENT tutorial on it here: http://www.wsncloud-murdoch.org/wiki/index.php/ConfigurationofAtmelRavenswith_Contiki I also … Continue reading

Arduino + OpenWRT = Art

It’s an OpenWRT image for the very cheap TP-Link TL-WR703N Linux routers you can buy from here: http://www.dealextreme.com/p/tp-link-703n-ultra-mini-portable-3g-802-11b-g-n-150mbps-wifi-wireless-router-light-blue-white-102903 What’s cool about them is that with the OpenWRT (https://openwrt.org/) Linux operating system, you can make this router do whatever you want, … Continue reading

Generate your own One Time Passcodes (OTP) to use with Android

Download and build “otptool” from http://code.google.com/p/mod-authn-otp/wiki/OTPTool with the usual dance: ./configure make make install Download and install the Google Authenticator application from the market:¬†https://market.android.com/details?id=com.google.android.apps.authenticator&hl=en on your Android phone Make up a hex-based secret for the two, like ‘12345678901234567890’ Base32 encode … Continue reading